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Due to high quality of Altai wheat and good technical equipment for mills, we are able to produce the best flour in Russia. It is highly valued by manufacturers of bakery and confectionery products due to its stable quality characteristics: it has strong gluten and levelled-off granulometric composition.

Opportunities of the enterprises-founders of Altai Flour Mills Ltd. allow producing flour according to individual customer requirements and international standards. Our company was the first company among the Russian flour manufacturers, which certified one of the enterprises - Aleyskzernoprodukt, CJSC named after S.N. Starovoitov for compliance with the Indonesian standard SNI and started to deliver flour to Indonesia.

Moreover, our enterprises produce fortified flour according to the requirements of the UN World Food Programme. This flour has specified quality characteristics, fortified with vitamins and minerals premix.

Flexible and attentive approach to customers’ requirements enables the enterprises-founders to be leaders of flour milling industry of Russia and allow Altai Flour Mills Ltd. to be among the top five exporters of flour in Russia with a gross share of 15 - 18% of the total Russian flour export.