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03 April 2016 Back to news list


Last week our company made a shipment of a trial batch of flour to Thailand, including 3 containers of high-grade flour and 3 containers of the first grade flour in accordance with GOST R 52189-2003. In the history of Altai Flour Mills Co., Ltd., and, perhaps, in the history of Altai Krai it is the first supply of flour to Thailand.

This delivery was preceded by a great work of flour, packing, marking quality and the contract’s terms coordination. At the end of 2015 samples were sent to Thailand, they pleased the consumer, and then the contract was signed. The flour was produced on Tabuny Elevator, taking into account the client's wishes regarding certain indicators of quality. Besides, a special marking with the logo of Altai Flour Mills Co., Ltd. was coordinated with the Thai side.

Flour is intended for production of noodles which, as we know, are a part of the basic food ration in Southeast Asia. We as well as the Thai party eagerly anticipate the arrival of the first consignment of the Altai flour in Bangkok, and we hope that the result  of this  work will  become a long-term cooperation with the large Asian producer.