Export of high-quality products of grain processing


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Altai Flour Mills Ltd. was founded in 2008 aiming at consolidated promotion of products of Altai grain processing companies to the world market.

Altai Krai is one of the leading agrarian regions of Russia. Thanks to big volumes and high quality of gathered wheat, the region long ago and fast became the leader in the field of grain processing.

Altai enterprises produce:

  • 13%

    1of the Russian flour output

  • 25%

    of the Russian cereals output

  • 10%

    of the Russian pasta output

In 2008, the company was founded by the following enterprises

  • Association of grain processing companies "Grana"

    Grana CJSC is the largest Altai association of grain processing enterprises. It is consists of Grana Khabary Agro Industrial Company, Tabuny elevator and Krasnoshchekovskoe Grain-Collecting Enterprise Joint-Stock Companies.


  • AleyskZernoProdukt Closed Joint-Stock Company named after S.N. Starovoytov

    Aleyskzernoprodukt, CSJC named after S.N. Starovoytov is a powerful agro industrial complex with a full technological cycle for growing and processing of grain, production and packaging of products.


  • Melnik Agro-Industrial Company

    Melnik Agro Industrial Company takes one of the leading positions in the Russian grain processing market. Melnik meets the highest modern requirements concerning technique, energy saving, economic model and level of management.


  • Kluchi Elevator, OJSK

    Kluchi elevator OJSC is one of the leaders of grain processing industry of Altai Krai. Here take place the acceptance, underworking and industrial processing of gain on the highest level and by modern standards.



Markets, logistics

The sphere of interests of Altai Flour Mills Ltd. includes the markets of Southeast and Central Asia, Near East, Africa and Latin America countries.


The company is among the five largest Russian exporters of flour (15 - 18% of Russian export).


Since 2009 Altai Flour Mills Company has been food products supplier for UN World Food Programme, has taken part in humanitarian food supply operations all over the world.

While customers servicing, the company pays special attention to the logistics matters. It chooses the most convenient products delivery route, commands services of reliable transporters, which provide qualitative and price favorable service, controls products delivery process starting the loading in the departure point and finishing the products delivery to the recipient, rigidly observes the contract deadline for the obligations fulfillment.


The company positions itself as an association of top Russian grain processing enterprises, promoting interests of the industry to the world market.

  • Altai Flour Mills Ltd. actively participates in the activity of Intergovernmental Commissions on Trade and Economic Cooperation between the Russian Federation and foreign countries;

  • Interacts with the Business Councils, Embassies and the Russian Trade Representatives;

    Is the members of The Altai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russian Grain Union, Altai Grain Processers Union.